Top 10 Benefits of Sex During Pregnancy

Welcome to blog is designed to share ideas, experiences, tips and benefits of sex during pregnancy. The sex plays a vital role during their pregnancy as their morning hormones, raging hormones and ever-expanding waistline. Sex during the pregnancy is not welcome for most mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be worldwide. Every adult has to understand and remember that pregnancy affects the libido of a woman in different ways.  

Though women do not get sexual thoughts in their first trimester due to their morning sickness, they find themselves with the maximum libido. They misunderstand that sex during the pregnancy is entirely complicated issue. They worry about whether the sex during the pregnancy leads to a detrimental effect on their baby. They have to bear in mind that sex during their pregnancy does not affect their health and baby’s health. They must adapt to their body changes and choose the suitable poses for adult fun with their partner. They can indulge in sex during the pregnancy without compromising the safety and satisfaction. The following details explain you about 10 benefits of sex during pregnancy. 

1. Better orgasms and greater satisfaction  

There are two main hormones during pregnancy. These hormones are progesterone and oestrogen. Women who have these hormones do not fail to get improved orgasm and blood flow in their pelvic area. They achieve better orgasm mainly because increased sensitivity in the sensual areas. They get lasting and intense benefits of sex during pregnancy.  

2. Increase the overall strength of pelvic floor muscles  

Strong and toned pelvic muscles aid in the normal delivery. Almost every pregnant woman thinks about how to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and focuses on exercises to do it. They can have adult fun with their partner during the third trimester and begin their step to maximize the overall strength of pelvic floor muscles.  

3. Improvement in the blood circulation in the body    

The overall blood supply increases twice during pregnancy to meet the overall requirements of both the mother and baby. An increased blood pressure is one of the main reasons behind the importance of sex during pregnancy. Sex restores the enough supply of oxygen and nutrition to the foetus with the release of hormones. Thus, this process enhances the growth and development of foetus. 

4. Enhancement in the immunity  

Every pregnant woman suffers from the low immunity and thinks about how to enhance their immune system further. Medical professionals these days recommend a healthy diet, a simple exercise program and a good lifestyle to pregnant women with ever-increasing requirements for improving the immunity. If you are pregnant and thinking about the easiest method to enhance your immunity further, then you can have sex with your partner. Sex does not fail to strengthen the immunity of women during pregnancy. This is because an improvement in the IgA antibodies required for enhancing the immunity. Sex during the pregnancy also provides resistance to any seasonal flu and cold.  

5. Improvement in the bonding and personal ties between couples  

Endorphins are released when pregnant woman have sex with their partner. The endorphins reduce the stress level and give a healthy environment to both mother and baby. Oxytocin production is also increased due to sex during pregnancy. This hormone is responsible for both love and attachment. If you wish to stimulate better intimacy and bonding with your beloved one then you can have a regular sex with your partner. You will get loads of benefits such as the complication-free progression of both pregnancy and labor.  

6. Better bladder control and few bathroom leaks  

Almost every woman finds themselves visiting the bathroom in the frequent way and experience incontinence in the slight way when they sneeze or laugh during the pregnancy. They can have sex with their partner during pregnancy to contract and strengthen their muscles. They get a good improvement in the regulation of the flow of urine as expected.  

7. Improvement in the self-esteem  

Women who have sex during the pregnancy can enhance their self-esteem. This is because loads of physical and emotional changes in the overall physique. An increased sex drive during pregnancy gives women confidence and a positive attitude towards herself. This effective change makes a difference to woman’s relationship with herself and others.  

8. Prevents Pre-eclampsia  

There is an improvement in the blood pressure during the second trimester known as pre-eclampsia. As a pregnant woman, you have to focus on how to alleviate this condition at first. You can have sex and alleviate this condition without any difficulty. This is because HLA-G in the male sperm regulates the immune system and reduces the blood pressure during the pregnancy. 

9. Speed up the postpartum recovery  

Sexual orgasm during the pregnancy support women to prepare their pelvic muscles for birth. They can speed up the postpartum recovery. They may unable to do kegel exercises for increasing the overall strength of their pelvic muscles. They can simply indulge in some lovemaking activities to contract them as per their requirements. 

10. Supports in inducing labor and comfortable delivery 

Regular and enjoyable sex during pregnancy assists women to contract their pelvic muscles and also open the cervix. You may search for the simple yet effective method for the normal delivery. You can have sex with your partner on a regular basis and make the process of labor easier than ever. If you have regular sex during the pregnancy, then you do not require any external assistance to bring your baby out. This is advisable to have sex closer to the due date to induce the labor in the positive way without any difficulty.  

Many women these days wish to improve their health and keep their pregnancy healthy from the beginning to end. They search for the realistic and easy-to-follow suggestions to improve their health and baby’s health all through the pregnancy. They do not have to avoid sex during the pregnancy. They can enjoy the safe and enjoyable sex throughout the pregnancy. They will get an array of health benefits from sex during the pregnancy.